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Brushy Creek Ranch


Through our experience as owners at Brushy Creek Ranch, we have noticed that some travel long distances only to get here and not feel confident in the saddle or on the trails. Our goal is to help as many men, women, and children to gain confidence with their mount to ensure safety, number one, but also to ensure they have a great time and return to us again.

We hose numerous amounts of clinics throughout the year. Listed below are a few things you may learn while attending:

  • Proper saddle fitting
  • Trailer loading
  • Ground manners
  • Reigning
  • Sending with hand signals
  • Discipline without force
  • Power of the release of pressure
  • Confidence on the trails
  • Learning to cue
  • The art of loping
  • Sitting in the saddle

Our clinics are designed to ensure you gain confidence and leave feeling more relaxed. No matter how many clinics you attend, we guarantee you'll walk away having learned something.

One thing special about our weekend is spending quality time together. Saturday evening of the clinic, we invite all participants and their families to join us for a bonfire and dinner. Together, we fellowship, eat and discuss the things that were learned throughout the day. We also give time to request things to go over the next day before closing out the clinic.

Clinics begin Saturday morning at 9am. After Cowboy Church Sunday with breakfast provided, we resume the clinic until 3pm. For more information on upcoming dates, please email

The cost is $200. It includes 1 campsite, 1 horse stall, 2 meals and the clinic.

Check Availability and Make Reservations